User Log in / Log out Procedure

In this guide we will talk about how you can log in and log out of the WorkSpot. To access and manage your personal account you need to login to the service and to be able to login you need to have successfully registered with the service.

Login In to the WorkSpot

There are two points of entry to the WorkSpot. The first point of entry is located on the top of the home page at the right. To log in use the relevant fields to enter your email and password as was defined during your registration and click on the "Log in" button (Picture 1).


The second point of entry to the service is at the login and registrations page. Click the WorkSpot logo in the upper left corner and you should be directed to the “Registrations and Login page” (Picture 2).


To log in click on the “Log In” button and the “Log In to your Account” window should appear as shown in Picture 3. In this window you may input your credentials to log in. Also note that through this window you may access the password retrieval page. The steps associated with recovering your password are described in the "How to retrieve or reset your password" guide.


Disconnecting from the service

You may log out of the WorkSpot from any page and at any time. To disconnect from the service click on the red "Logout" button which is located in the upper right corner, as shown in Picture 4. Upon successful logout, you should be redirected back to the WorkSpot registrations and login gateway.